Dayanilayam Sponsor Plan

The IBOTA foundation has initiated the “Dayanilayam Sponsor Plan”. Dayanilayam Hostel or children, often orphans, for which the family cannot take care of. The Hostel is situated in Jangaon, Central India.


A donation of € 25 to this project makes it possible, that a child have a home and receive medical care and be educated untill the 12th grade. This makes it possible for them to find their way to university. Many former Dayanilayam childen have found in the Indian society.

To receive more information of the sponsoring procedure you can come in contact with us by phone: +31-578-611654. The postal address is Foundation IBOTA, P.O. Box 207, 8180 AE  Heerde. Or by using the the contact-form.

Gifts for this work are very welcom. You can donate your gift to the IBOTA account: Banking code: IBAN NL69 RABO 0396537723


Kolkata (Calcutta)

In this Mega city, underprivileged young people and former sex - workers are being skilled to produce electronic and plastic parts, as well as stationary products. This takes place in a small company called Innologic Electronics Ltd. 

In one of the most densely populated area's of North Kolkata, a small production unit has been established where young people receive training and get skilled in soldering techniques and in making plastic parts for water filters. The skills these young people have gained will break the cycle of poverty in their community!

For information or ordering of water filters, see:

Here we find a production plant where parts for water filters are produced and assembled. Water filters as used by the IBOTA Foundation.

By doing this young women and men are withdrawn from prostitution and involved in making unique water filters that are contributing to the larg problem of safe and clean drinking water in the world.

It is possible to have products designed and produced within this project for fair prices. They will contribute to the welfare of these underprivileged young people.



Near the village of Gokavaram in India a rural project has been initiated in which IBOTA participates.
The scope of this project is a forest area in the east of the state of Andhra Pradesh. In this project unreached tribes are visited by the pioneering couple Nehru and Parimala. For many years they have worked amongst different unreached tribes.
One of the ways to connect with these tribes is through movies. IBOTA has been able to rais funds for mobile video equipment and an all-terrain vehicle which is required to have access to normally inaccessible places in the forest.
IBOTA has opened a building fund to raise finances for a simple house for Nehru and Parimala. They have been evicted from their rented homes on many occasions simply because they are Christians. We would like to help them by building them a place of their own.
Are you willing to help? Donate your gift to IBOTA Foundation, house for Nehru, IBAN code NL69RABO 0396537723. Thanks a lot!